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Datrex Members | Marine Safety Products | Datrex Management Team

Datrex services their customers from five locations strategically placed throughout the United states

A nationwide network of Datrex branches and factory personel provide the fastest service with a local focus, as well as optimizing market and product information sharing.  Datrex, a privately held company,  holds a unique position in the Marine Safety and Emergency Preparedness markets. We are manufactures, exclusive importers, and distributors for broad spectrum of Marine and EmPrep safety products.     

Meet some of the people who make it work:

John Simonsen: CEO and Founder

John has a lifetime of experience with commercial maritime products. Starting in 1970 in Miami, FL as an early commercial importer of liferafts, John has built Datrex into one of the largest private manufacturers and distributors of marine safety products in the United States. In addition to overseeing all company operations, John specializes in steering this family owned company's course, maintaining strong relationships with our numerous suppliers, and developing new vendor and distributor relationships worldwide.





Patrick Brunosson: COO, based in Miami, FL

Patrick, having joined Datrex in 2001, was highly instrumental in developing Datrex into a truly global presence. Patrick coordinated the broadening of product line and service assortment, expanding the company into the streamlined sales and delivery entity you see today. He is a retired Swedish Navy Officer who worked in the European safety market before being recruited by John Simonsen. His worldwide relationships and knowledge of maritime regulations have brought international respect and distribution partners to Datrex.





Scott Mills: Senior VP, Operations, based in Kinder, LA

Scott partnered with John in 1987, establishing the operation in Kinder to bring manufacturing in-house. Effectively transforming Datrex from solely a distributor to one of the United States' largest marine safety equipment production plants for food rations, emergency drinking water, liferings, photoluminescent signage and high quality survival craft spares. As a trained mechanical engineer, Scott oversees new design and manufacturing of all the Datrex specialized production equipment, as well as general management of the plant operations.





Paul Klump: VP Finance, Kinder, LA

Paul has been successfully managing all financial concerns for Datrex for plus 20 years. His team runs an efficient and flexible system, taking care of financial needs for divisions and branches, as well as for our U.S. and international distributors, dealers, and customers.  Datrex prides itself on how we handle our relationships and Paul's financial talents are a primary reason why it is easy to do business with Datrex.





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