Life Raft, Immersion Suit, Inflatable Lifejacket Servicing, MOM and EPIRB Programming / Battery Replacement

Datrex boasts two advanced servicing facilities for all types of life rafts, immersion suits and inflatable lifejackets in Miami and Jacksonville. Both facilities have the certificates to service most brands and are approved by USCG, ABS, Lloyds Register and Life Raft Manufacturers.

The Datrex Promise

All inflatable liferafts, immersion suits and inflatable lifejackets will be serviced according to manufacturers specifications. Any product being serviced by Datrex can be witnessed by the owner. The owner will also receive images of their product while being tested/serviced.

Datrex believes in being completely transparent with our customers. 

Many customers are being taken for granted and even misled when it comes to the servicing of their equipment. We have seen firsthand life saving products that are not serviced correctly or indications that they were not serviced at all! The possibility of "shady" servicing and business transactions takes place in the marine safety industry on a daily basis. This is a matter which Datrex takes very seriously.

The founder, Mr. John P. Simonsen, with his employees, will never accept any shortcuts! Full Stop!

Safety Slogan


Click to download a copy of Datrex Miami ABS Certificate      Click Logo or Link to download Datrex Miami ABS Certificate

Click to download a copy of Datrex Miami ABS Certificate     Click Logo or Link to download Datrex Jacksonville ABS Certificate

Click to download a copy of Datrex Miami Lloyd's Reg Certificate  Click Logo or Link to download Datrex Miami Lloyd's Certificate

The Miami and Jacksonville branches stock all Datrex products and distribute all types of USCG-SOLAS grade safety products to the commercial and recreational markets in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Bermuda, the Caribbean and South America.

Our customers range from the private boat owner with a single life raft to government organizations including the USCG and NASA as well as prominent shipping and cruise lines.

We also assist other servicing facilities, ship chandlers and marine supply stores by offering high-grade USCG-SOLAS products throughout the territory.

The overall aim is to serve the safety market with high quality and approved products at competitive prices and outstanding delivery precision.

Any owner of a life raft is welcome to witness the servicing of their raft.  We are proud of our technicians and their skills and we want our customers to feel confident in case they need to abandon their vessel.

The Miami and Jacksonville branches also assist with programming and battery replacement of  Ocean Signal and GME Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs).

Datrex handles servicing of following brands: Elliot, Crewsaver, Survitec, Zodiac, DBC, Fujikura, DSB, SMR, Switlik, RFD, Toyo, Sea-Safe, Avon, Lifeguard, RFD, Revere, BFA,  Givens, Plastimo, West Marine, Winslow, Beaufort, Youlong Rubber, Duarry and Survival Technologies (MOM) and Viking.

Our own brands are: Sea-Safe, Revere 3SI, Duarry, Youlong and Switlik.

We also handle service of inflatable lifejackets and immersion suits: Kent, Onyx, Stearns, Mullion, Revere, Crewsaver, Mustang, Imperial, Remploy, Ocean Safety Kru, Kadematic, Secumar, Viking and ISP.

Our own brands are: Kent, Onyx, Stearns, Mustang, Mullion, Kadematic, Secumar and ISP.

Electronics: Ocean Signal, and GME.