New Customer Contact Form for Datrex Sales Managers only

This is NOT the place for prespective customers to apply for a dealership. Instead you can email us your interest with company information, or sign up to be a dealer (wholesale customer) by submitting an online dealer application

Please note:  Signing up for a wholesale account requires approval before your account will be activated and your login begins working. 

Sales Managers, Click this Link  to input new dealer information via the Hello Sign for submission to Datrex Admin.  Or to submit New Customer Contacts via google docs Click Here:  Fill out Google Doc Customer Contact Form.

"Hello Sign" form submission Tips:

  • The first time you use this form input method the software will ask you for your email address and then send a link to that address to use. After that you will be able to input directly from the website.
  • Tab between fields to quickly move to the next field.
  • You will see the a minimum of 4 of the fields must be filled in order to submit. They are indicataed with a red border.
  • Make sure and submit when finished inputing by clicking the "I Agree" blue button on the bottom of the page.